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Masorti:  Programs for Women

Mothers and Daughters’ Bat Mitzvah

mother-daughter-bat-mitzvahx360x285Mothers and Daughters’ Bat Mitzvah program brings the generations to study and learn together. Most Israeli women never had a religious bat mitzvah, reading from the Torah in front of their family and friends. This program makes it possible for moms to learn with their daughters and bring Jewish knowledge and ritual into the home together impacting all members of the household across multiple generations.

Masorti Programs: Women's Study

The National Masorti Women’s Study Days unite 300 to 400 women, a couple times a year, for a day of study, prayer and social interaction. The seminars are organized as a joint project of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, the Masorti Movement and the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies.

Women, including Masorti rabbis and faculty of the Schechter Institute, as well as members of various Masorti congregations, give all lectures. An interesting feature of the Study Days is that there are various tracks for the studiers to choose from, including lectures in Hebrew, English, Russian and Spanish. In this way, the Study Days appeal to a wide range of women, attracting many olot hadashot – new immigrant women. The Study Days help integrate new immigrants with old-timers in the Masorti kehillot, as well as empower women to positively influence Israeli society.


Yaltha for Women is a group of women rabbis and rabbinical students, who are all active in the Masorti movement. Yaltha, named for one of the few women mentioned by name in the Babylonian Talmud, is a group of women rabbis who belong to the Masorti Movement and the Rabbinical Assembly in Israel, and women rabbinical students studying at the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem.

Yaltha's main goals are to advance women rabbis and women in the Masorti Movement, as well as the status of women in Israel, and to be a framework for individual and group empowerment for them. 

Founded in 2001, in conjunction with the first conference of women rabbis and rabbinical students held by the International Rabbinical Assembly, Yaltha acts as a social support group that strives to clarify issues related to the status and functions of a woman rabbi.

In 2004, two outreach programs were initiated – scholarships for female rabbinical students, enabling them to work in congregations, and the Yaltha Women Seders, held in five Masorti congregations and one Tali school. Yaltha's three central projects for 2005 are Women’s Seders, the Bnot Mitzvah Program and the Internship Program. 

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